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Organizations in all sectors of industry have learned it is complicated to manage risks. In addition to this, reducing risks often conflicts with other goals set by the organization. Taking the right decision requires a good overview of the risks. The assessement of higher frequency - smaller impact risks is relatively easy. It is much more difficult to assess and manage high impact - low frequency risk scenarios.

Managing risks is not the task of any single department in an organization. Most departments and employees, at all levels in the organization, play a role in risk management. Communicating to every department and employee what is expected of them and why that is expected, is a key factor in managing risks.

The Bowtie method has proven to be the best and most integral approach in managing risks, especially the major risks. A Bowtie diagram gives you an overview of multiple plausible scenarios, in a single picture. Besides being easy to understand, Bowties also provide an overview and insight that is not obtained by any other method of risk analysis & assessment.

Schoots Engineering Services has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in Process- and Project-engineering, Operations-, Quality- and Safety-department roles in a COMAH facility. This has led to a detailed insight in the interdependencies between these departments, and the role each department has in risk management. With this background Schoots Engineering Services offers a range of training, consultancy and incident support services.
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